Effect on plasma cortisol of rubber ring castration in lambs treated with or without local anaesthesia

The plasma cortisol concentration, in lambs castrated with rubber rings at about 5 days of age, increases from baseline values of about 30 nmol/l to a peak of 190 nmol/l, 40 to 60 minutes after treatment.  The plasma cortisol returns to baseline values 132 minutes after treatment.  Mean values in control lambs remain below 45 nmol/l.  In lambs castrated with rubber rings, followed by an injection of 0.3 ml of local anaesthetic into each cord with a needleless, injector, the maximum peak plasma cortisol value is 90 nmol/l at 40 minutes after treatment, with a return to baseline values by 96 minutes after treatment (Kent et al 1998).

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                                            Revised: 20-10-08