Activity of rats after a surgical procedure (laparotomy)

Roughan & Flecknell (2001)

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The movie shows examples of a rat wound licking, back arching, twitching and writhing (once - when the back leg moves under the body).

Histogram showing the incidence of twitching, back arching and writhing in the two hours immediately after a laparotomy in rats pre-treated with either saline or the NSAID, Ketoprofen.


NS - No surgery,

NS Ket - no surgery with Ketoprofen treatment

S - laparotomy with saline pre-surgery,

S Ket -surgery with pre-surgery Ketoprofen.

Note the low incidence of twitching (less than 50), back arching (< 4) and writhing (< 1) in control rats with or without NSAID compared with the marked increase after surgery without pre-treatment with a NSAID (twitching - 428, back arching - 49, writhing - 10).  When rats are pre-treated with the NSAID, Ketoprofen the incidence of this behaviour decreases (twitching - 147, back arching - 16, writhing - 4).

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