The research on pain from castration and tail docking, used to illustrate some aspects of these guidelines, has been supported by DEFRA, SEERAD (Scottish Executive, ABRG), The Meat and Livestock Commission, BBSRC, the Moredun Research Institute and the University of Edinburgh.

The authors, Joyce E Kent and Vince Molony, acknowledge the help and encouragement of the following colleagues, Ainsley Iggo, Fernando Cervero, Wilma Steedman, Susan Fleetwood-Walker, David Cottrell, Graham Wood, David Mellor, Ian Robertson, Manus Graham, Brian Hosie, Barry Sheppard, Terry Cassidy, Rachel Jackson, Kenneth Rutherford, Lynne Meikle, Anita Rennie.

This website has been produced with help from Yvonne Cockburn, Clare Newlands, Gill McConnell, Andrew Short (CLIVE), Andy Pryde (MALTS), Bruce McGorum (Edinburgh Veterinary School), Bob Ward, Karen O'Callaghan (Liverpool Veterinary School), Johnny Roughan and Paul Flecknell (Unit for Comparative Medicine, Newcastle University).

Dame Olga's portrait is used with kind permission of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and the RCVS Trust.

Some of the video material (piglets) and information on this website was collected by Joyce Kent during a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship visit to Dr. H.W. Cheng and Dr. D. Lay at USDA, Purdue University, USA and Professor D.J. Mellor, Massey University, New Zealand during the summer of 2002.

Blonde D'Aquitaine cows and calf

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