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Free Gingival Graft




Gingival recession on single teeth or groups of teeth beyond the muco-gingival line where no adjacent donor site is available.


  1. Make a template of original defect with tinfoil.

  2. Harvest adequate tissue (greater than 2.5 times in width and length) from another site within attached gingiva that has sufficient width (e.g. below LM1 or upper canine).

  3. Place graft on a swab saturated with saline.

  4. Tack edges with Tissu-Glu™ (Ellman Veterinary) or superglue and suture with 5/0 absorbable suture with swaged cutting needle.

  5. Push graft onto periosteum with finger pressure for 2 to 3 minutes to prevent blood clot formation underneath.

  6. Apply a dressing of Tinct. Myrrh and Benzoin and flush the site twice daily with chlorhexidine (CHX Guard Solution™: St Jon VRx).

Free gingival graft 1

Free gingival graft 2

Free gingival graft 3




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