Research at the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine 

Draught Animal Power Research and Training

Research Projects 

Recent significant research projects on working animals include:

  1. Feeding and management strategies for draught animals in sub-Sarahan Africa (DFID, project ref. no. R5198)

  2. Feeding and working strategies for draught oxen in the semi-arid zone of West Africa (DFID, project ref. no. H-R4810)

  3. The effect of Trypanosoma evansi on working buffaloes in Indonesia (DFID, project ref. no. R4912)

  4. The interaction of work and nutrition on the trypanotolerance of N'dama cattle in The Gambia (DFID, project ref. no. R5797)

  5. Improving the productivity of draught animals in sub-Saharan Africa (DFID, project ref. no. R5962)

  6. Matching feed energy resources to animal power requirements in semi-arid crop/livestock systems to develop feeding strategies for animals used for work (DFID, project ref. no. R6609)

  7. The estimation of live weight and body condition score of working donkeys

  8. Use and management of donkeys by poor societies in peri-urban areas of Ethiopia (DFID, project ref. no. R730)