Edited by Dr. R.A. Pearson, Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine

This is a biannual publication on draught animals. Information in any form, articles, notes, reviews and letters are accepted for inclusion on any topic concerned with draught animal power, including research and development projects, implements, instrumentation, meetings, groups, news, books, practical tips and ideas for discussion. In short, nothing is ever refused. Photographs and diagrams to accompany information are encouraged.

The aim is to provide a means by which people in different countries can exchange information at any level on use of draught animal power. The publication is available free to research workers, field workers and others interested in draught animal power who live in developing countries. A voluntary subscription (at January 2003) of 8.00 per year can by paid by those in developed countries to help distribution to those without access to foreign exchange.  (In the case of overseas bank drafts, the subscription is 10 due to processing charges.)  

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